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Our Logo


The logo consists of a white chef's toque to clearly identify our trade and our goal, aspiring to become professional chefs. 
Beneath it, a crossed chef's knife to signify the tools of our trade. Sailing boat shape means the strong relationship with Hong Kong Chefs Association and represent the young chefs in Hong Kong to "sail through winds and waves to against all the difficulties and hard work to become the great chefs in the ear future.
The Chinese characters for "Hong Kong" to show our pride in our home and our fervent desire to see its international recognition as a source of the finest chefs in the world.


Our Mission


To inspire and to stimulate young chefs and chefs-to-be by providing opportunities for greater exposure, learning and professional growth. 
To nurture and support aspiring chefs by creating a dialogue between the current and future talents of Hong Kong. 
To break down boundaries and engage young chefs to "think outside the box", shaping the future of our industry as an innovative and versatile force.

About Us

The Hong Kong Young Chefs Club was established in 2007 to serve young culinarians, whether students or professionals by providing opportunities for learning and personal growth.  It accomplishes this by working with industry partners to conduct workshops, educational visits and culinary competitions.  HKYCC is committed to being a responsible member of the local community and engages in charitable, social and sustainable activities.  

Our Vision

"To be a community of culinarians, a band of brothers working to raise the bar of excellence among the young chefs of Hong Kong and to build up the next generation of chefs."

Francis Lo

Honorary Chairman, HKYCC


TY Leung


Chairwoman​ 會長

Worldchefs Young Chefs Ambassador 2014-2018年度 世界廚師協會亞洲青年大使

Our Committee 現任委員會成員 


Joey Lo





Francis Lo


Honorary Chairman


Kevin Wong


Past President



Charles Cheung


Vice Chairman



Mei Yeung


Treasurer & Membership


Boris Leung


Past Vice Chairman



TY Leung


Past President



King Cheng


Past President



Tony Lui


Past Treasurer



Previous Committee 歷屆委員會成員


Will Leung


Committee Member & Photographer



Percy Chan


Committee Member


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